The Takers

by | Nov 29, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

There is a group of people
Who think they are elite.
In matters of unfairness…
They try to remain discrete.
These people, who we know are fake,
The Takers they are named.
They never give…they only take…
Of that they are not ashamed.

The Takers take of all our wealth,
And then they take some more…
They take from higher taxes…
And leave us feeling poor.
The Takers will take of everything,
The Takers will bleed us dry.
The Takers will leave us with nothing…
Nothing left to satisfy.

They will leave us disenchanted,
They abide not by general rules…
They take us all for granted,
They take us all for fools.
The Takers have no noble cause,
Their poor morals are quite plain…
And The Takers who start infernal wars
Are not among the slain.

They take of another’s daughter…
They take of another’s son.
They take them to the slaughter…
To sacrifice every one.
The Takers do not wish to see
What I have seen my son…
And that is why the carnage
Just goes on and on.

The Takers take our liberty,
And our means to live…
They will take of all our property,
We will have nothing left to give.
So! Give not unto The Takers’ will,
Nothing to them concede…
Keep what is yours…what you have still,
Yield not to The Takers’ greed.


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