The things we do for our kids

by | Oct 21, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Do you think our children,
Ever stop and think about,
Everything we do for them,
So they don’t do without?

Think of all the birthday parties
They have throughout the years
All those hyperactive kids
Screaming round your ears

What about their best friends
Who always stay for tea
And all those many sleepovers
Keeping you awake ‘til half past three

Your car becomes a taxi
To ferry them to and fro
Up and down the country
Wherever they need to go

There’s all the cooking and cleaning
Washing and ironing too
Not to mention finding dirty laundry
They’ve dumped and left for you

Yet woe betide should you ask them
To do a simple chore
They throw their teddy out of the pram
Sending it flying across the floor

As they grow their needs change
Its money they now lack
A fiver here and twenty there
They promise they’ll pay you back

What about the boy or girlfriends
When they go on their first date
Laying down the ground rules
So they don’t stay out too late

If things start getting serious
You start talking birds and bees
Ensuring that they protect themselves
With everything they need!!

We put our lives on hold
So they can have their fun
Thinking that when they’ve left their home
Our parenting is done

But once they’ve flown the nest
To start out on their own
They still come knocking on your door
So they can use your phone

When they settle down and marry
And present your first grand child
Maybe then they’ll look back and think
Just how much they drove you wild

Even though we may complain at times
We wouldn’t change a thing
For what we do is done for love
And all the happiness it brings


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