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A man walked into a saloon at eight o’clock one friday night
Went up to the bar and ordered three pints of beer
The landlord said “It’s unusual to order three pints of beer for yourself”
The man replied “Two are for my brothers who are not here”

When the landlord heard this he was somewhat bemused
And he ventured to ask the question “why?”
For this was a very unusual thing to do
He was even more bemused when he heard the reply

The man said “ I have two brothers serving abroad in the army,
One is in Northern Ireland and the other is in Iraq.
Before they went away we made a promise to each other
That we would have a drink together every Friday night until they came back.”

“So wherever we are at eight o’clock on a friday night
We go into a saloon and order three pints of beer ,
One for ourselves and the other two for our brothers.
As we drink them we wish we could be together here.”

The landlord thought this was a splendid idea
And the man fulfilled the promise for many a week
But one night the man ordered two pints of beer
And the landlord thought the reason was something he should seek

With two of the brothers serving abroad he was concerned
Thinking that maybe one of them had died
So he gently enquired if the brothers were both well
To which the regular customer replied

“Yes, my brothers are both quite well, thank you
It is me who is not well and the doctor has prescribed an antibiotic.
I am not allowed to have my own drink tonight,
For they tell me that antibiotics and beer do not mix.”


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