The Troubles in Northern Ireland

by | Sep 1, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The men stood in the City
The City torn between
Fighting for Republic
Or fighting for The Queen

Religion was the reason
So many people died
Senseless slaughter, murder too
It made man sick inside

The local police were helpless
The Murderers were free
That’s why these British soldiers
Were where they should not be

They stood out in the City streets
With weapons in their hands
Weapons which they could not use
Against the Rebel bands

The Government in Parliment
Said ” Soldiers must behave ”
But soldiers say ” It’s shoot to kill ”
Or accept an early grave

The Government said ” We are wise,
We’ve been in wars before ”
But the soldiers said ” You’ve got it wrong,
It’s Murder now not war ”

24222219 Signalman Calder W M


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