The ultimate plan

by | Apr 15, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Earth you’re filled up like a sardine can
But to your avail I have a plan
A plan to relieve you of your excruciating pain
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle let me explain!

Recycling is the first method I suggest
And I think you’ll agree it might be the best
The help of humans to fulfil my quest
This will be the ultimate test.

Recycling makes the world more green
And will give the earth a glowing sheen
Recycle plastic and paper or tins
So think twice before you approach the bin.

Reducing is the second solution
To stop this suffocating pollution
Cutting down on harmful energy
To stop the earth’s allergy.

Reusing is the next technique I advise
A key contribution to pollutions demise
The concept is simple to use again
Do this and help my campaign.

For the record earth has a plan too
If we don’t react now they’ll be nothing we can do
Global Warming is what it’s called
And when we it starts it can’t be stalled
So follow these instructions and they’ll be a way out
Or the consequences will be deadly no doubt
The earth is beloved and can’t be replaced
So act forthwith or we’ll be gone without trace!


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