The Valiant Knight

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In dark and distant days of yore
When wild beasts roamed the vale
There came a lone young traveller
Who told a grisly tale

His father was a knight of old
Who served his master well
He slew the fiery dragon beasts
And broke their evil spell

His armour wasn’t made of gold
As some folk later said
But made from finest burnished steel
Protecting heart and head

The sword he slew the dragons with
Was tempered in the fire
Of blacksmith Morgan Allenby
The finest in the shire

Then came the day when our brave knight
Was challenged by the King
To rid the land of a strange beast
A writhing evil thing

He did not know that this strange beast
With arms of ten or more
Was summoned up from Hell itself
By wizard Orandor

So then they met that fateful day
Beyond the castle moat
And when the beast appeared to him
A gasp leapt from his throat

Our trusty knight withdrew his sword
Then rode towards his foe
How many times he hacked a limb
Another one would grow

They fought like this until the sun
Was setting o’er the hill
His strength at last began to ebb
The beast came for the kill

With one last blow his bloody sword
Went deep inside it’s eye
It staggered back and tumbled down
At last began to die

And as it lay upon the ground
It gave a mighty roar
The beast then changed—became a man
The wizard Orandor

The knight was down his life near spent
But Orandor came on
He fell upon the knight,and then,
As suddenly was gone

The blacksmith Morgan Allenby
Who made that sword of steel
Had forged some magic of his own
That even wizards feel

Our knight was buried in the church
So many people came
To thank him for his many deeds
And glorify his name

Upon his grave they put a cross
His name was plain to see
No noble knight of higher birth
But Morgan Allenby


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