The War Grave

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I made the trip
I know its late love
But things have happened since you were gone
The children grew up and had a family
And we have Grandchildren now

The war was hard
On both of us my dear
While you waited to be found
I was getting the telegram
That ended my life

I remember the day so well dear
Still feel the brown paper of the envelope in my hands
Smell the flowers on the windowsill
As the sun filtered in through the pain
And my heart stopped

Now here you are
A name on a piece of stone
I feel the shape of your name
And wonder of what could have been
But I know we will be together soon

But I worry if you will remember me
For I am old now
And not the one you fell in love with
In the Springtime of our lives

And then I see you
As you were when you left
Smart as paint with a cheeky smile
And I know my fears were foolish
And you’ve loved me all along


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