The Warriors of War

by | Jan 5, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

You have your enemy in your sight you are a warrior and want to fight.
Young men that all what you are, you travel the world to and so far.
The British bulldog with nerves of steel, our thoughts are with you, this is war the real deal.
The union jack is flying so high as bombs and bullets fly through the sky.
We never learned from the past, with war one and two and the lads we lost were so vast.
Thousands of graves are in our land, the loss is so sad which I will never understand.
To those who have fallen and lost their life they had dreams of returning to their children wife.
May god watch over you and bless you all, before you hear the final call.
The pain and suffering are so raw; you are the supreme warriors of war.
The fear and emotion running through your head, you have to survive and fight where the sands are coloured blood red.
What are we fighting for? Land and religion and human greed, all man wants is more, more more?
Hold on to your faith and build it like a tower because god controls your life and he has the power.
We salute you all, before your final hour, and your fall
Your deaths were bloody and violent and when rested the flag on your coffin it was all silent.
God and life is in your heart hold on to this belief before you depart.
The spirit of life is holding fast, it fights with you and with the soldiers from the past.
Stand tall and bold because this story will again be retold.


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