The Way Of Fulfilment

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Seek solace in the quietude from restless clamour…and there shall be mellowness within you.
Take recess in the stillness of repose from exertions…and rest will abide with you.
Rise not in anger to avenge any injury that might betide…and peace will accord you its full measure.
Be uncomplaining to that which lies abed with vexation and disquiet…and serenity will befriend you.
Become inured to that which is worthy and edifying…and inspiration will enfold you in its embrace.
Succumb not to the heavy load of ill temper’s scorn…and your burden will be light.
Conspire with reason to overcome unbearable torment…and your desire for comfort will be replete.
Moderate unpleasing passions with a rational and temperate persuasion…that you will realise a tranquil mind.
Contrive an effective facility for that which is irksome and tedious…and you will become tolerant.
Repugn any tendency to cower in the face of wretchedness and gloom…and they will take flight.
Endure the imperfections of impediment with unfettered fortitude…and fate will be kind unto you.
Concede not to the ignominy of mischance and recklessness…and meritorious achievement will prevail.
Encounter mournful lamentation with forbearance…and you will be delivered from your anguish.
Aspire to act with a dispassionate restraint…and dignity will defer to your governance.
Yield not to feckless whim or caprice in the pursuit of delight…and shame will not befall you.
Do not be given to chance as a condition of your endeavours…and fortune will confer on you its benevolence.
Take heed that your deportment and bearing meets with noble conduct…and you will be admired.
Submit not unduly to wild abandonment…and contentment will grant you its counsel.
At all times be at ease with yourself and who you are…that you may be regarded fairly by others.
Demonstrate affection for all that is chivalrous and virtuous…and you will be ennobled.
Adopt a meek and quiet humility in the matter of your relationships…and intimacy will avail itself of you.
Possess unremitting faith in the goodness in humanity…and you will be unhindered by despair.
Manifest a modest gentleness and a fond consideration for others…that they will feel blessed by you.
Bestow clemency to those seeking to assuage their guilt…and their gratefulness shall be upon you.
Pardon those who require a benign absolution for their transgressions…and you will be liberated.
Bear no malice to those whose ill-breeding accompanies their indiscretions…and integrity will acclaim you.
Establish a humble disposition towards those who are impoverished in body and spirit…and your soul will be nurtured.
Afford a respectful approach towards those blemished with disgrace…and you will be esteemed amongst them.
Without caution or condition, render something of yourself unto others…and you will be revered among the many.
Ask not for recompense in what you do for others…and your compassion will be reciprocated.
Accept not the platitudes of disingenuous fools…and you will be unsullied by deceit.
Hold well to the notion that truth concerns not the actual nature of events…but that which is perceived by individuals.
Cultivate a habit with knowing truth…and righteous fidelity will be your companion.
Espouse a compact with the veracity of affairs…that your conscience will be disencumbered of distress.
Be given to act always with unwavering belief and forthrightness…and you will be emboldened.
Attend to matters of probity with rectitude and honour…and you will be eminent.
Promote an array of able devices in the art of accomplishment…and you will be furnished with a flawless finesse.
Favour an affinity for a graceful gentility…and you will be exalted.
Be at ease to embrace all that is facile and halcyon…and you will have an unhurried purpose.
Accommodate an efficient style in cardinal matters of arrangement…and your course will be smooth.
Employ the manner of a distinct sincerity of person…and your character will be trustworthy.
Offer neither ill-will nor profanities…for they are injurious to the soul.
Find satisfaction in simple distractions…and you will find delight in all affairs.
Allow the essence of ideas to flourish within the domain of curiosity…and knowledge will enlighten you.
Be assured that when once you make a mistake you will be wise…the same mistake will make you a fool.
Relish the pleasure of giving and receiving sincere praise…and you will be endowed with worthiness.
Be not sparing in ardent affection for those who merit such passion…and you will be ever loved.
Dispel all that which is an affront to moral thought and decency…and joyful rapture will find its way unto you.
Fain not to be absorbed in self-pity and self-deprecation…for they have no utility in the design of things.
Be mindful that fear is not in the thrall of reality…it is what you think will happen that you fear.
Attain a wholesome agreement between toil, rest and amusements…and you will be refreshed from your labours.
Engender the virtues of generosity and kindness…and you will be enriched in spirit.
Rise above the selfish decadence of this world…that you will be elevated to a higher standard of being.
Be charitable unto others…for all you possess is only on a temporary loan.
Act always to put the needs of others first…and you will be placed foremost amongst your peers.
Consider suffering as a necessary requisite of life…and a triumphant fulfilment will be your salvation.


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