The Whiskey’s Gone

by | Oct 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The whiskey’s gone, the pain remains
friends lost and dead, who now restrains
the pain that comes, late in the night ?
The dread that fills the alive with fright
So all alone, I sit in gloom
and wait for the ghosts to visit this room
I hate the sadness they leave behind
I hate the way they make my mind.
The ghosts, they come and go at will,
And as a gift, they leave a chill
A cold so deep it stops all thought
Except of them, and the and the pain they’ve wrought
But one day, I hope they’ll come for a while
And I’ll not be fearful of their smile.
I’ll remember them as we were before
And I’ll laugh and joke, afraid no more.
Till then, I’ll find strength and weather the rains
Because the whiskey’s gone, and the pain remains


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