The Willow’s Shade

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

I listened in the Willow’s shade
To Nature in her myriad ways.
Beneath the clouds, all silver-gowned
Environed by beauties all around
I heard the whispering of the leaves
And wished all-living things such peace.
That birds flew ever overhead
Whose songs to sunlit gardens lead…
But as I waited there alone
The skies grew grey, the birds had flown.
Now every sound to sorrows lead
And every flower bowed low its head.
For though much happiness I’ve known
A thorn on every rose has grown…
Even though our hearts are torn to shreds
Each hour, each moment’s, truly blessed…
For though Life brings cruel trials to bear
Our love grows stronger every day.
And hope lives on when faith has gone
Like swallows harbinger the dawn.
With lightened hearts our spirits rise
Long-languid nights sweet dreams entice.
When we shall wander misty hills
To see each promised joy fulfilled.
By stream, by glade, in dappled shade
We’ll halt the sunlight on its way…
To hold its mulled-wine to our lips
And Fortune’s honeyed-nectar sip…


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