The Wind Fills Her Wings

by | May 23, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The wind fills her wings
As the angels wings beat down
Her feet almost touching the ground

Tears fill her eyes
This beautiful angel starts to cry
She asks the question WHY

Man’s blood turns the ground a crimson red
For all around there lie’s so many dead
A sea of blood pools around her feet
Is the smell of victory really so sweet?

The angel walks over the death filled ground
Her feet now covered in the blood and the mud
She looks upto the skies
As the bombs and shells scream on by

How senseless the slaughter
As men die by their thousands
To gain just a few feet
An objective their commanders must meet
For ground that is gained is so often lost
And at such a terrible cost

The angel stands there deathly silent
For the men’s deaths were so violent
Blown to pieces in a storm of flying metal
No wonder the survivors went mental

The angel has seen enough
And spreads her wings
She will not return whilst there is still so much fighting
The blood of man stains her feet
For now the angel shall retreat
All the while she will softly weep


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