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A raven croaked, flitted across the castle ruins.

Pale streaks of moonshine casting shadows.

Weird shapes of ruined walls looked menacing.

The witching hour neared its time.

A shrieking witch, long nosed and pointed hat,

Broomstick and cat screamed around the castle walls,

Signalling the Ghosties and Ghoulies to play,

To a crescendo of shrieks and cackling laughter.

Limbless Knights on headless horses,

Eyeless priests on fearsome monsters,

Pranced shrieking, flashing swords in bloodless battle.

Sightless skulls with hairless heads stood guard.

The Witch’s black cat with nashing teeth

And nine inch claws, hissed and clawed ,

Enormous mouth crushing passing skulls,

While swallowing headless horses.

Thus the witching hour passed,

The lights flared out, the Audience stood and cheered.

Electricians took their bows, £15000 in contributions.

The hospice was saved for another year,


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