The World is not a nice place

by | Aug 25, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The World is not a nice place
It is full of hatred of people from a different race
Small minds rally the troops
The bigots make them jump through hoops
To fight in wars and kill others
A person whom you could have called brother

The world is not a nice place
Where religious divide decrees that they must all die
The leaders they rant and rave
But they are not the brave
It is not them who face the bullets and bombs
Or the crying mums who has just lost a son

The world is not a nice place
Where the colour of your skin or the sound of your tongue
Can make you public enemy number one
Where a country can show of its military might
Because they know the opposition cannot put up a fight

The world is not a nice place
When women and children are killed out of spite
Do you think they could have put up much of a fight?
There cries of laughter when having fun
Are turned into screams and forever they will have hellish dreams

The world could be a nice place
We are after all a part of the human race
But as long as intolerance and ignorance are abound
No peace on this land will ever be found


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