The Wrong Way Round

by | Feb 5, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

It’s a funny old world, our world.
Nice day at the office dear?
Need to know darling and you don’t need to know!
Will you be home in time for dinner?
Need to know my love and you don’t need to know!

What was it that woke you screaming and crying in the night my sweet?
Need to know? You don’t want to know.

Talk about it the experts tell you, talk about it and it’ll go away.
But how do you talk when you don’t exist?
How do you tell of things that didn’t ever happen?
Who do you tell when you aren’t allowed to speak?

He knew. He’d been there. We didn’t have to talk.
He knew.

But who was there to help him when his girl went off to war?
My big brave soldier! he thought he knew the drill.

But nothing could prepare him for when it wasn’t him.

He re-packed my bergan, triple checked my kit
And tried not to think how I must have felt
so many times when I watched him drive through that gate.

This time the phone calls were for him. Its fine love
The food is crap, my boots don’t fit, there’s nothing for you to worry about,
But he’d heard those lies before.

It’s a funny old world our world,
When you want to talk but can’t
When you don’t have to because
He knows what it was that woke me,
Screaming and sweating in our bed.

Now he’s gone
There’s no one there.
So who do you tell when you aren’t allowed to speak


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