The Young Soldier and the Veteran

by | Dec 12, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The smart young Soldier sat down next to the old chap, sixty years or more is the difference between them, yet their minds and thoughts of the young Soldier and the Veteran are as one as the conversation is carried forward. The information and the attention to detail that comes from the Veteran is taken in awe by the young Soldier as he listens intensely. He not only admires the Veteran but has a great amount of respect for the old chap, who gives him details of his battles, his victories and his sorrows. The Veteran needs reassuring and the young Soldier lets him know that he understands him, he understands what he is going through and where he is coming from.
The Young Soldier tells him that his stories will be carried to the next generation with respect and honour. The Veteran is happy to carry on telling the young Soldier of his inner thoughts and discuss his service days. he tells him of the hardship of wars and the crying of the dead. he knows the young Soldier will respect the tears and honour the gallantry. The young Soldier salutes the Veteran as he stands to say goodbye, dressed in his smart new uniform and the Veteran acknowledges the salute as the young Soldier goes of to carry on his work.


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