Their Gift

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They came from every walk of life protecting mother, sister, wife,
On sea of darkness set their course, midst engines hum and twinkling morse,
And none could know who bade them well that they were journeying to hell,
Young men with dreams on foreign shore, so young to know the pain of war,
They plunged into the rising foam, with memories of love and home,
Bodies lift on swelling tide, angry roar on every side,

The chatter of cannon an exploding mine, ”keep going lads you`re doing fine,”
The sands run red from blood on beach, the water too where tide can reach,
Human flotsam, tragedy, carnage to infinity,
Their mutual goal was victory, survival of our liberty,
Relentlessly they poured to land over bodies, sea and sand,
Hundreds more from darkened skies have paid the highest price their lives,

Had plunged from high above this place, had launched their bodies into space,
Surviving flack and a-a shell to play their part a role in hell,
The seaward sky now red with fire as ships become a funeral pyre,
Torpedoes, shells and floating mine’s as “jacks” last resting place he finds,
Our friends came too from overseas they would not see us on our knees,
Our allies came by sea and sky a million men all set to die,

Their battledress a scarlet cloak once wet with rain now blood had soaked,
Young men who wanted so to live had come with pride their gift to give,
Whilst high above this battles cry ten thousand more had flag to fly,
As bombers, fighters, gliders too with “tally-ho” to battle flew,
The “enemy” though different creed when he is shot will also bleed,
For they, like us, are only men with dreams of going home again,

This poignant passionate sacrifice, mans very ultimate in price,
To give his all, his gift of life for mother, sister, brother, wife,
No prayers can ever ease the pain or re-unite lost loves again,
But they must know twas not in vain they died upon some foreign plain,
So, shed a tear of joy not sorrow for they have given us …..
Tomorrow……… …bless `em all …


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