Their Sacrifice for our Freedom

by | Nov 4, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Their sacrifice for our freedom
Has that message been lost?
On a new generation who don’t give a toss

Young men and women go of to war
For many people they abhor
Who really wants to fight this bloody war?

But what about our soldiers
Who have laid down their lives?
Never to come home to their husbands or wives

Will you shed a tear?
And think of those who have lost someone dear?
Feel their heartache
As their loved ones are lowered into the ground
Stand in silence not making a sound

I think not for they will soon be forgot
Their sacrifice does not mean a lot
To a new generation of a thankless lot

A soldier does what a soldier does
Sometimes moaning but never making a fuss
So let’s not forget their sacrifice for our freedom
And wear your poppy with pride
For we as a nation have nothing to hide


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