Their snouts in the trough

by | Jul 29, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

They grunt and they groan
All through the land you can hear them moan
Bring me more for the trough
What we have is never enough

They wear their designer suits
Hand made shirts with silken ties
You can look into their eyes
They are very good at hiding their lies

They will smile and shake your hand
Whilst they fleece you for the greater good of this land
Squeezing you dry and wringing you out
Smelling your money with their well trained snout

Our soldiers are sent out to a foreign land
To fight an enemy who are known as the Taliban
They will fight to the death shouting out infidel with their final breath?

Our soldiers are sent out there under equipped
And controlled by a budget
A digital war fought with bullets and grenades
Up close and personnel with bayonets fixed

The politicians sit back in their oxford chairs
They will draw deep on their cigars and slug at cognac
They will ponder what to buy next
What can we get on expenses?
They will all shout that it’s within the rules
Do you think the public are nothing but fools?

Look to yourself and be true to this land
Become that honourable member that you say you are
Get your nose out of the trough
Maybe you should try a squaddies boil in the bag scoff


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