Then Dance We Will

by | Aug 14, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

We may be parted and alone
The days be long and dark
The rain may fall incessantly
And still the morning lark
But dance we will despite the weather
And walk through fields of fragrant heather

On summer days as evening falls
My heart will long for you
Its love will cross the starry night
Envelop you anew
Then we will dance in cool moonbeams
And dream the dreams that lovers dream

In winter’s cold and icy grasp
Our love will be the glow
That warms our bodies as we walk
Through frost encrusted snow
And dance we will by dying embers
Dismissing thoughts of cold Decembers

But when the warmth of spring arrives
And meadows burst with life
That’s when my love we’ll be as one
For you will be my wife
Then dance we will all through the night
And never stop till morning light

When we are old we will recall
Those days we had together
When we would dance and show our love
And never mind the weather
Then dance we will our hearts entwined
Much slower now–but we won’t mind


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