They never came home

by | Feb 20, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

They never came home you know
Those boys from down the street
But I always will remember
Those proudly marching feet.

I stood and watched the soldiers
Pay tribute to their friends
The ones they left behind them
In a war that never ends.

There was Tommy Jones from down the road
Just sixteen years and still a lad
Billy Green from up the street
And Danny Botham’s dad

They fought their fight against the foe,
Our brave men gave their all
In fields and ditches all around
They watched their comrades fall.

Army, Navy, Air Force,
It mattered not from whence they came
Brothers all together
They played their final game.

And when the guns fell silent
The poppies bloomed around
As our brave lads lay sleeping
Beneath the foreign ground

We, the people of today
Salute the brave of yesterday
May they never be forgotten
Nor the price they had to pay.

They never came home you know.


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