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They said they’d sent my son away
To fight some distant war…
But they said my son was killed today,
When they’d knocked upon my door.

They said he died courageously
On some desert’s dusty sand…
They said they would bring him back to me
From this somewhere foreign land.

They said that they were sorry
And used words that were profound…
But my tears were flowing bitterly
As they fell upon the ground.

They said he died a hero,
He was loved by everyone…
That’s what they said, but all I know
Is, he is my dear sweet son.

They said they’d made a promise
They would lay him to his rest…
They said full military honours
For the funeral would be best.

They said so much, they said a lot,
But one thing they had not said…
They never said that I would not
Accept my son was dead.

They said if I needed anything
They would give it willingly…
Yet they couldn’t grant me just one thing,
That my son was home with me.

They said that they must go now,
And that they would call again…
Though they never said they’d show me how
I could somehow bear this pain.

They said they hoped I’d find a way
To cope with grief; instead…
I just wish they didn’t say
The things that they had said.


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