Things I’ll never get to say

by | Jun 4, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I hear you’re moving to North Carolina
Is this true, what they say
I don’t really want you to leave
Why can’t you just stay

You say, your parents are forcing you
I say that they can rot
You say, don’t look so sad, okay
For forget you, I’ll not

You say that I was a great friend
I say that you were too
But my mind clouds over with bad thoughts
Because you never really knew

So in my mind I jot down a list
Of things I’ll never say

I’ll never say, that your brown eyes are what light up my day

I’ll never say that your touch makes my pains float away

I’ll never say that your smile, is what warms me up inside

I’ll never say that your words spread my heart so wide

I’ll never say that my thoughts of you, wake me alongside the morning dew

Most of all I’ll never say how much I’ll truly love you

So on the last day of your being here
I say good-bye and cry
For I know that my love for you, will always remain inside


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