Things I’ll never say Part 2

by | Jun 4, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Years have passed without word from you
So, every night I cry
You’d e-mail me if you really knew
What I am feeling inside

Years pass
But not my love for you
So when I see you in lunch
I can’t believe it’s true

I push through the crowd
And then you see me too
Now there’s free space between us
And I don’t know what to do
You run to me
And give me hugs
You wonder out loud, is this you
Is this the 14-year old that I once loved and knew

Yeah it’s me, I say to you
You sight for sore eyes
When did you get back, my friend
This is such a surprise!

You say, I wanted to see the surprise
Light up in your beautiful blue eyes
You think that I am beautiful, I ask
Yep, you say, that whole friendship thing was just my pitiful mask

I’m gonna tell you once
And please understand
He smiled at me
And then took my hand

I love you
I love you so much
I just want it known
I put up my finger and said hush

I love you too, I say
I always have and always will
I’ve been waiting for this day
Now there’s this something I must fulfill

I kiss you long
You kiss me hard
In the middle of the lunch room

You love me now
I love you too
I can’t wait to see our relationship bloom


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