Thinking of you thinking of me

by | Feb 12, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

When you are laughing, I will feel happy for you
When you are crying I shall cry to
The tears of pain are felt within all
So no need for you my name to call
For within an instant, I shall be at your side
So wipe away those tears you have cried
The thread of ones life is very thin
The consciousness of your soul dwells within
The very fabric of your being
Is never knowing or never seeing
With faith in the saviour we can overcome
The pains of life when life is done
Many have gone before me, I did not pave the way
The lord held out his hand as I heard him say
Your soul was my church, your thoughts were my decree
I am your shepherd and you have followed me.
Now to greener pastures leaving sadness and pain
Knowing that my love shall always remain
Close to those that I have left behind
Praying memories of good times will stay in their mind
We shall meet again, wait and see
Thinking of you thinking of me.


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