This God is an Iron

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This God is an Iron looking out at you
While you smoke that cigarette
Contemplate the candidates
Telling you they’ll catch the bogeyman
More sweet lies on CNN
They will give you all the oil in the world!
As he laughs at the smile on your face.

This God is an Iron!
He circles your house with shiny stainless steel handcuffs and leg irons
With his steel wheel at your feet
He circles your house like a buzzards scheme
Grinding your guts into hamburger
He cracks your teeth
He tells you that spacious glass palace is yours!
While he laughs at the smile on your face.

Your cigarette smoke is his myrrh
Your kid’s X-Box games and Guitar Hero Pedophiles
Make you feel ahead of the curve!
As he laughs at the smile on your face.

This God watches you
While you watch soap operas on your HD screen
The hunger and emptiness in your gut
His iron pressing on your Walmart smock
The fetus growing underneath your breasts
Your poverty does not care!
As he feeds on the fear that chills your heart.

He pipes prosperity into your brain
With plastic talking heads
Phony Wall Street Wizards
An Amtrack Loaded with DVDS, Blue Rays, and cheap chinese mannequins
Seducing you with property and regret.

Anonymously you own nothing
And yet you negotiate where you fit
Into the latest hollywood-hyped violence scenarios
Of Good Cops Versus Bad Cops
Contrived reality stereotypes
Cliché sit-coms that mean nothing because the laughs have all run out
Haves and have nots
In urban warfare hypocrisy
As he laughs at the smile on your face.

This God is and Iron
Forget about the AM radio
Dominated by Right-Wing Hacks
Christian Cracks and endless traffic jams
Even NPR has become corporate flack
You cannot outfox him
How clear can your channels be?
As he hears every scripted word
And laughs at the s**t in your ears.

He owns your kids and pulls the strings
On Aircraft carriers filled with greed
Planes of stealth with cluster bombs
Convoys of Hummers Filled with death
Legions of fear and mercenary machismo
Cowering behind Jingo Judeo-Christianity and profit motive glory
Roadside bombs and warlord factions
Mangle eye from face
Steal hands from arms
Murder mothers child
And daddy’s boy’s are maggot bait.
As he laughs at the smile on your face.

This God is an Iron in the land of the free
Where torture and bondage
Are the wonderfully stylish accessories of the New American Dream
Perpetual warfare is the 7 year plan
So good, right, fair and grand
A perfect Old Dominion Scene
With Black on Black
White, red, yellow, and brown
In between

This God is an Iron
He owns your home
Your golden halls
Your internet
Your cell phone calls
Your golden Bells
Your email links
Your wireless space
All talking time
He even owns your text messages!
As he laughs at the smile on your face.

He owns your body
He owns your charms
He owns your head
All the pills you take
The books you read
The tunes you play
He makes sure you know it!
You vote for him ad-infinitum
As he laughs at the smile on your face

For dinner thats all you get
The taste of fake organic food on your lips
From fake-front stores
Fresh red apples and a pretty face
Because this God is an Iron
And he relishes the fear in your eyes.


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