This Land

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

This land is not yours for the taking, nor is it ours to give,
It’s a place where man and animal, in partnership can live.
You massacre our tribesmen, steal our horses, and rape our squaws,
The old folk die and children starve, in a land not ours or yours.

Our buffalo killed by the thousand, our traditions erased without thought,
Your railroad, your greed, your drink to excess, your souls it seems are bought,
Your hunt for gold desecrates, everything sacred, we hold so dear,
Mountain, prairie, plain and burial ground, we live in constant fear,

Everywhere you leave your mark, your corruption and hate fill each day,
Yet what have we ever done to you, to deserve to be treated this way,
We welcomed you once to share this land, to roam and hunt together,
There was room for all to live in peace, but you had to destroy it forever.


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