This Poppy

by | Nov 3, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

This Poppy fell for my father
it does so every year
and with it comes the heartache
and many red hot tears

Shed for those who won’t come home
the ones who died out there alone

This Poppy falls in remembrance,
it’s impossible to say
how much we owe to those who fell
they fought for us, they died for us
through a living man made hell

This Poppy fell for a reason
yet its message is always lost
on those who should know better
those who never count the cost

This Poppy falls to remind us
of the sacrifices made
it’s not some casual observance
it’s not just a parade

It’s a deep and heartfelt tribute
to those faultless memories
of those who gave the only thing
they could to make us free

And to those who should know better
and we all know who they are
In remembering those
who fell in war

I won’t betray their memory
I won’t give up my liberty.


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