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I sat last night watching the rabbits hop
jumping about flip flap flop
noses twitching running around
ssshh be quiet don’t make a sound.
A big fat rabbit smiled at me
“Is it a little boy that I see?”
“Yes I’m Thomas” and smiled right back
“Pleased to meet you, my names Jack,
watch if you want but don’t say a word
be as quiet as a mouse as still as a bird.”
“Playtime!” Roared Jack and blew his whistle
I jumped with surprise and sat on a thistle!
There were rabbits on bikes rabbits on scooters
rabbits in cars tooting their hooters
sailing in boats flying in planes
whizzing around in bright red trains.
Oh what a laugh! Oh what a joy!
I don’t want to be just a boy
“Can I be a rabbit too?”
“Oh no,” said Jack “ that won’t do
go to school learn all you can
grow big and strong and be a man.”


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