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Those autumn leaves of gold and red
Are set to drive me off my head
I sweep them up each afternoon
And work into the evening gloom
But as I go to fetch my bin
The wind just blows them off again
Next day I work with bin close by
As more leaves fall from out the sky
I change my tack and rise at dawn
To clear the leaves from off my lawn
The wind has been more kind this day
It doesn’t blow the leaves away
I put the leaves into a stack
The wind starts up and blows them back
Mustering a final push
I sweep them in a frantic rush
Triumphant now they’re safely in
The confines of my wheelie bin
With manic smile I kicked the rake
Which was of course a big mistake
Hopping mad as I could be
The rake flew up and hit my knee
In pain I fell against the bin
Which caused a gash along my shin
Feeling sore and looking grey
The wind blew all my leaves away
Those autumn leaves of gold and red
Now swirled around my aching head
I swear I heard them laugh as they
Went floating on their merry way


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