Thoughts for those far away

by | Oct 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I lay here safe in my bed, with blankets to warm me and a pillow for my head,
listening to the stillness and quietness outside,
with no imminent danger, no reason to hide,
I say a silent thank you to those serving away
who do not encounter so peaceful a day.

Service men and women, working hard
away from their families, away from home,
bravely battling in a war torn zone
serving their country and helping strangers, despite fear and imminent danger.

Saying thank you never seems enough,
indeed the troops may never know that there is a woman, miles away,
who is grateful and thinks of them every day –

Indeed there are many people, in fact a whole nation, who, in their own, quiet way,
show their appreciation –

In conversation,
in coffee shops,
chatter on the street,
over newspapers,
across fences,
strangers who meet,
all unified,
proudly talking of ‘our troops’ ‘our soldiers’ ‘our girls’ and boys’ who bravely sign up to serve on the front line. .

And at night, as I am giving in to my dreams,
your day is just beginning with battle filled scenes

It will be a joyous day when you all return home,
your families and friends happy, embracing you, smiling and proud,
And us, the civilians, faces in a crowd.
People you don’t ever know, turning out to cheer and say thank you,
because you were protecting us when we didn’t even know.

Dream land is the furthest we ever have to go;
While you travel and look danger in the eye,
battling on sea, earth and sky,
You are out there, selflessly serving your country, doing your best –
and all while we sleep warm in our beds.

Thank you


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