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I lay back in my deck chair and looked up into the sky,
I was fascinated by the clouds as they went on rolling by,
In my reverie I was transported to a land across the sea,
To a far off place I thought I would like to be.

In my heart I landed on a foreign shore,
A place where no man had ever been before,
Untouched by civilisation, revealed only to my eyes,
A very versatile place, in fact an earthly paradise.

Its verdant pastures spread as far as I could see,
It was no barren island set in a tempestuous sea,
It was a place of hope, peace and tranquillity,
A place where my spirit could roam forever free.

So far away from the problems of this life,
There would be no one there to cause me any strife,
With fresh water and enough food to keep me satisfied,
That this was an earthly paradise could not be denied.

But suddenly I realised that I would be on my own,
That the wonders of my dream would be known to me alone,
There would be no one there to share my happiness,
The only love I would feel would be the sun’s caress.

These thoughts began to fill my mind with doubts and fear,
I realised that I would not be happy there,
And so it was I quickly came to realise,
That for me this would be no paradise.

I awoke form my reverie and looked up into the sky,
I could still those clouds rolling by,
I knew this daydream could not come true for me,
I was pleased to return to the world of reality.


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