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Silence fell over the battlefield,
The men were desperately tired,
Survived another battle,
Although many shots were fired.

Living like animals,
No sense of time,
Faces with no expression,
Filthy and full of grime.

Time to reflect on life,
Why on earth am I here,
Why are we fighting?
Why do I feel this fear?

No rest in battle for me.
On for ever on,
Just another soldier,
Who fought upon the SOMME?

Into battle charge the enemy lines,
Instinct and a will to survive,
Bullets flying everywhere,
Will I emerge this battle alive?

Quite frankly I am not bothered,
For the will to live has gone,
How much more can the body take?
Whilst fighting on the SOMME.

I am just an ordinary bloke,
Who has seen the horror of war?
Who has lost so many friends?
I don’t want to lose no more.

I pray to God for Guidance,
I pray to God for peace,
I pray to God for fallen friends,
I pray for all wars to cease.

So I ask all to remember,
The spirit and courage of those brave men,
To the families of the fallen,
Who in spirit will see them again?


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