Thoughts of Goodbye

by | Jan 25, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

It is almost time, soon I will have to let go,
we have talked and talked how I will miss him so.
I promised I wouldn’t make it difficult for him
but the chances of me smiling are growing dim.
I never realized until now, how hard it would be
to have to watch him wave and walk away from me.
The times before were not nearly so bad,
they were just a breeze, nothing like Bagdad.
This is not a training exercise, this time is for real,
I never dreamt that this is how bad I would feel.
We never mentioned how things could turn out,
now I am churning inside, I want to scream and shout.
What if this is the last time I hold him tight?
What if last night was our very last night?
Oh God, I love him, does he know just how much?
Every second he is away I will long for his touch.
I thought I had what it takes to be an army wife
but I have to be strong because this is his life.
Like my Mother and like my Grandma before,
I have to watch the man I love go off to war,
but Dad came home safely and Grandpa too,
now it is my turn, my love, letting go of you


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