Thoughts of love…

by | Jul 5, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

When told you never would return
The house became so cold
That youthful spirit full of fun
Who never would grow old.
You were not perfect, we often fought
You always held your own
How proud I was you were my son
What courage you have shown.
They stole my life, that light within
That child whom I have borne
Now, all I have are memories
Of when the sun once shone.
Tributes can seem rather trite
Though, often, they are true
Your friends who knew you best of all
Could tell a tale or two…
When you were looking to the sky
I wonder what you saw?
Those dreams that never were to be
Of one much-loved by all…
You never lived to see hope dim
To fail as others win
Or feel that pain, that emptiness
The passing years can bring.
My grief is spent, I must now rest
(-as all in time must do)
I say, goodbye, till I awake
With thoughts of love for you.


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