Thrill seekers

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Thrill seekers come and see,
What amazing things you can do to be,
Moved to the edge of reason,
Sometimes waiting for certain seasons.

Thrill seekers, some jump out of plane,
Many think to do that is insane,
They climb the highest peak,
What is it that they seek,

Thrill seekers, some dive into the depths,
Or traverse huge gaps, high with no nets,
They jump from various things,
Their screams of pleasure sings.

Thrill seekers, jumping from heights,
Sometimes with chutes or bungie cord that bites,
When they arrest their falls,
Sometimes filling their smalls.

Thrill seekers, find fast rides,
Or try to beat against the tides,
In deserts they scramble, tires biting,
Always for life they are fighting.

Fair rides and parks are another source of fun,
Up down, any direction is fine, bar none,
Most of the time this all comes with a fee,
All they needed to do was join the Military


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