Through the Eyes of a Soldier

by | May 1, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Bombs explode all around me
Gunshots ring in my head
My friend is dying beside me
The snow is painted blood red

The sergeant’s barking orders
And the noise has finally stopped
We have claimed our victory
But we have a heavy loss

We slowly climb out of the trenches
As quietly as mice
The ground is frozen solid
And my fingers are like ice

As we march along the road
I hear that awful sound
We all grab our rifles
And we quickly hit the ground

The enemy attacks us
They take us by surprise
And once again I’m scared
That today I’m gonna die

I quickly load my gun
And I begin to shoot
I didn’t hit my target
My aim isn’t very good

I look towards the sergeant
And he’s sitting very still
Blood is running down his face
He has already been killed

A sharp pain sears through me
And I feel blood soak into my hair
I close my eyes for the very last time
And slip into an everlasting nightmare.


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