Through the eyes of a soldier

by | Jul 23, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

If you look into the eyes of a soldier
Be they young, or be they old
And you could see what those eyes have seen
Your blood would soon run cold

They’ve seen so much death and destruction
Caused by conflict through the years
And though they themselves won’t tell you
Those eyes have shed so many tears

They’ve seen the broken bodies
Scattered all around
Killed by hidden devices
Buried in the ground

And then there are the children
Left orphaned and alone
Their parents have been tortured and killed
By those they call their own

They’ve seen armoured vehicles blow apart
Then heard the screams and shouts
Their brothers in arms trapped burning inside
While men battle to get them out

They’ve seen their fellow soldiers
Shot and cruelly killed
They want to stop, but still carry on
That’s the discipline instilled

There are no easy tasks that they’ve faced
Like patrolling on the streets
Bringing hearts and minds to innocents
Trying to bring them peace

A soldier’s eyes see many things
Some good, but far more are worse
And it’s those visions that give them the nightmares
Like a never ending curse

So when you look into the eyes of a solider
And you see what they have seen
Will it ever make you wonder?
What the point of war has been!


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