Through the mist

by | Oct 11, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Through the mist
The haunting sound of the pipes can be heard
It drifts out over the battle ground
To the Scots it is a wondrous sound

It stirs the heart and helps hide the fear
For these brave Scots know the enemy is near

They hold their rifles with bayonets fixed
These kilted warriors from many a clan
Who have come together to fight on this land

Soon the enemy will know
That a Scotsman is fearless in battle
He will chase them down as if they are cattle

Through the centuries we have fought
At home and abroad
Sometimes with a gun and sometimes with a sword

We have served this country with honour and pride
True kinsmen to all on our side

Battle honours have been given
We have fought hard and lives have been taken
So for all let’s make sure their lost lives
Will never be forsaken


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