Till Then

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

When the ocean’s no longer a home to the seas
and the ‘Mistral’ doth blow, now only in breeze
When the rivers run dry under floundering sky
I will hold you, till then my love

When carpets now cover the valleys so green
and flowering blooms don’t wish to be seen
When forests reveal of enchantment unreal
I will hold you, till then… my love

I will promise you, all that I vowed to
and all that we hoped in our dreams
I will show to you, a love everlasting
One that endures through the years

When birds on the wing no longer doth sing
and Spring without glory no Summer will bring
When Autumn leaves still cling to the trees
I will hold you, till then my love

When the Heavens above cry out from afar
and ‘Earth Angel’s’ wings now point to a star
When Campanile strain no longer refrains
I will hold you, till then
I will Love you, till then…… “My Love”


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