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From the TIME we are born
To the day that we die
The hands of Time go flying by
As Babe’s in cradles
Impatiently awaiting their feed
To young Children in class
Who’ll gain the experience they need
There’s a TIME to work
To sleep, eat and learn
And we are ever aware
That each corner we turn
May show a TIME to laugh
Or in sadness TIME to cry
But there’s TIME of caution
When we pause for thought
If the TIME spent in study
All the right answers have brought
To a mind ever keen
All the avenues to explore
In a never-ending quest for Knowledge
Questions answered by the score
Not all solutions are stored in volumes
On Library shelves gathering dust
But learned from our Elders who
When their Memories are jogged, might just
Recall the information required
Perhaps the date and venue too
On Historical events from the past
Extreme Mathematics or Animals seen in a Zoo
For Life is comprehensive
And a wealth of knowledge sublime
For who knows if we hadn’t gained it
What would we have done with all that TIME.


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