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Dear Lord, do you have a few moments to spare?
Could we have a chat, may i pull up a chair.
Would i like a drink? Oh Thanks, water is fine
but i don’t want to take up too much of your time.

I’m really perplexed and a little bit miffed
about some of the things i was told as a kid,
I was lead to believe you have powers divine
well, please could you show me when you have the time.

They told me you have enough Love for us all
and how you would reach out your hand if we fall,
so where was your hand when i fell off my skates?
It really did hurt and my knees were a state.

Remember the day when i tripped up at school
and my dinner went flying, God, i felt such a fool,
but never the less, your hand should be there
to stop me from hitting my head on the chair.


So, over the years i’ve looked for the sign’s
to show me that you do have powers divine,
That you can stop Famine, Floods and Disease,
though you weren’t around when i skinned all my knees.

Well, now here i am and i’d just like to ask,
if there’s any chance you could take on the task
of making the world that we love and adore
a place full of Peace, not Bloodshed and War.

I’m sure you can do this, though not overnight,
just make the Beam Brighter from your Guiding Light,
Sprinkle more Love and Respect on Mankind
and pick up the lost battered souls that you find.

The Poems and prayers that you hear everyday
won’t get any less, or just fade away,
They’ll arrive in their Millions from folks of all ages,
If written in book’s there’d be Millions of pages.

Thank you for listening, now i really should go
I’ve waffled and rambled enough, yes i know,
I plucked up the courage to come here and ask,
So please let me know that you’ll take up the task


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