Time to Reflect.

by | Dec 10, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Have you ever wished that the hands of time
On the clock of Life would stand still
Would you want to return to a bygone day
An event , perhaps, that gave you a thrill
Were you standing on the Parade Ground
When the C.O announced your name
With your head held high, did you proudly march
As to the Presentation Podium you came
The Commendation, aloud was read
For your Comrades all to hear
How you excelled yourself on the battlefield
Although not without some fear
As you carried out your daunting task
Of the British Soldier true and bold
Without the thought that perhaps one day
Your heroic story would be told
In front of the Parade , at attention and with pride
As the C O pins the Medal from his hand
Did you reflect on the comrades and the mates who had died
In that far off Foreign Land.


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