To all our brave service personnel serving in the gulf

by | Aug 10, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

To us here in that place called home
You to us are our nations best
Fraught with danger that place you now roam
Our gallant few to stand far above the rest
Some believe others to you have lied
But in you we have so much trust
The sacrifices by many the families who cried
But still you are there in the heat and dust
Only you know the madness we call war
It is not our job but it is your way of life
Respect for you and other feelings in hearts soar
Wish you to come home to friends, families and wife
The world is safer thanks to so very few like you
So sad at the sacrifice paid by those in that place
Come home soon our brave courageous few
Back to a loves arms or a parents smiling face

Written by Steve Fogg
9th Feb 2006


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