To Ben

by | Mar 7, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

You took to the sky that fateful day, full of life and joy,
You took to the sky that day, our brave boy
You didn’t know it was your last, so your banter was the same
The crew all working hard, as more height you gained.

Our lovely boy, so high above a country far away
Our lovely boy, our Ben our son we sadly lost that day.
Our Ben, our precious youngest son so lively full of fun
He was so loved by all of us, it’s hard to think he’s gone

Ben was like a little brother all his friends agree
The best friend you could have, they have said to me
There was only one Ben Knight, he was unique you see
There will never be another Ben not for you or me

We shall always remember you Ben, in every little way
We will never forget you Ben, not even for a day.
We loved you Ben we told you so, you said you loved us too
We want to put our arms around you, that’s all we want to do

But go you must, you have been called to fly with Angels now
So night, night Ben you sleep well our heads we will bow.
One day perhaps we’ll meet again in a land so far away
Once more to talk and laugh with you, I look forward to that day.


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