To Bury a Husband

by | May 13, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

When I bury my man tomorrow, how much of him will be here
I know it was a bad explosion, they told me best not to see what was in there
He is sealed inside his coffin, if only I could see him once more
But its best they said now he is dead, the flag was replaced once more

So I will stand with my heart broken, not knowing if his is inside
I will stand up tall and through it all, he will know I am by his side
I can recall all those loving moments; the rifles will fire a volley
Memories flooding my conscious, as they fold the flag to hand to me

The least I can do for my husband, what is left of him all that we have
I will let him know how I love him, show everyone the strength of our love
There will be tears I am still human, no woman can say goodbye without pain
I will live my life by his values, till that sweet moment we meet again


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