To Comrades at Christmas

by | Dec 29, 2023 | Poetry | 0 comments

It’s Christmas again; it’s wet and cold.

A season of giving of history old.

When most of us stay so warm and so dry,

and memories fleeting of those who have died.

Remembrance Day is far from us now.

For most, it’s forgotten, vanished somehow.

But veterans stand and raise up a glass,

for those unable to get a leave pass.

They serve you all in lands far away.

In danger but out there each single day.

They don’t do it for you, for me or their gods,

it’s all for their comrades, whom we all applaud.

But what about those who are no longer here,

Raymondo, young Myres, we raise a fine beer.

Jim Starky, Ali Rae, John Bodill we knew,

Arthur Thomas and others to name just a few.

Remember them all and those you recall.

Think of their families each one and all.

Give just a wee minute of your time this year,

to raise up a glass, a smile, and a tear.

Not one of them would want us all moping about.

They’d be up for a dram or a beer or a stout.

So tell all the stories one time again,

and swing that old lantern for each one of them.

So have a great Christmas and have a great time.

Just take in the thinking of this little rhyme.

As we’re warm and cosy and sat by the fire,

remember those friends the gods have retired.

Lastly, to friends who read these few lines.

I hope the New Year brings many fine times.

I hope that we meet and have a wee tipple.

You’re all dodgy bastards but bloody fine people.


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