To Do Tomorrow

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’ll go astray, quite soon I’d say
Just run away, have fun all day.
Drink some booze. Take a snooze.
Pick and choose. Win or lose.
Eat when I like. Ride on my bike.
Fish for pike or take a hike.
Wear jeans too tight. Go fly a kite.
Jump from a height. Watch stars at night.
Make love outdoors. Track down wild boars.
Sleep on floors. Not do chores.
Tell silly jokes. Drink rum and cokes.
Try different strokes for different folks.
Discard my vest and shave my chest.
Not be a pest if I’m your guest.
Buy seven cats. Wear cowboy hats.
Tread grapes in vats. Ignore all prats.
Sow part-wild oats. Chase mountain goats.
Go sailing boats. Recite odd quotes.
I’ll trust to fate to find a mate,
But I could wait, or try Blind Date.
Might go to Rome. Or stay at home,
And beaches comb, where breakers foam.
Wear Oxfam clothes and pick my nose.
Write silly prose. Could paint my toes.
Drink Pusser’s rum. Write to my Mum.
Wade rivers deep. Watch salmon leap.
See badgers creep. Drive army jeep.
Drink wine in Spain. Dance in the rain.
Stroke lion’s mane. Cause no-one pain.
Eat mushy peas. Fart at my ease.
Enjoy the breeze. Do as I please.
Read Lorna Doone. Howl at the moon.
Get up at noon. Compose a tune.
Go on a trip. Eat Instant Whip.
Do skinny dip, and pierce my lip.
Eat chips from bag. Drive in a Jag’.
Bet on a nag, or three-card brag.
Eat candyfloss. Collect no moss.
Call no-one boss. Don’t give a toss.
It won’t be hard. My room’s not barred.
And Stan, the guard, great tub of lard,


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