“To Feel My Daughter’s Kiss”

by | May 5, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

Thru ‘call of life’ which took me far from home
Beyond yon windswept shores, o’er mountains high
Across said ‘seven seas’ was free to roam
Yet none couldst know the pain in each goodbye
Adventure beckoned from an early age
(Such wanderlust I held for distant lands)
All cultures old and new, to then engage
When set amidst cold climate or hot sands
Twas oft’ a stretch of time I’d be away
Bereft of loved ones who didst own my heart
Tho’ miles do add a sense of ‘price to pay’
A fondness grows, thru moments spent apart
O’er time one learns (some yearning can’t dismiss)
Tis brush on Father’s cheek, still counts as ‘Bliss’


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