To Glimpse Our Loss

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

A bearded stranger decked in red just smiled as I walked by
I acknowledged with a nod, in hoped for acquiescent ploy
Twelve strides more I turned to glance yet could but only heave a sigh
The strangest feeling filled my heart, ‘twas one of overwhelming joy

This day began with clouds of grey and now the sun’s bright light streams through
My being bathed in warmth once more, with memories now lost in time
I gathered pace in searching out, in proving what I’d seen was true
The crowded streets no obstacle when filled with thoughts sublime

In childhood days of hopes and dreams I prayed he’d maybe come to me
When innocence was dashed by quote: “Realities of life”
His face was so familiar though I knew for sure it could not be
Perhaps engaging fantasy to ease my way through world of strife

I picked up pace when out of sight not knowing destination sought
To then espy his countenance attached to Santa’s grotto theme
Did he lure me to this place and show me what the world has wrought
By quashing dreams of little ones, we’ve missed what truly might have been


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